CT 580 Combo
CT 580 Combo

MODEL : CT580 Combo

DIALPAD HEADSET COMBO features a display and dual headset ports with a special noise-proof design that can be turned on or off.

It offers various modes: AUTO, MANUAL, and Semi-Auto, activating on the second ring.

The device supports 16-digit FSK/DTMF caller ID display with automatic checking, stores 30 groups of 16-digit incoming numbers, and 5 groups of 16-digit outgoing numbers.

It includes a 2-digit PABX code setup, 32-digit pre-dialing and editing, and an LED in-use indicator that blinks when ringing and lights up during calls.

The microphone has a mute function with LED indication, and there's a music on-hold feature that can mute the microphone and play music.

The headset speaker volume is adjustable, as is the tone/pulse dialing mode.

The ringer volume can be set to high, low, or off, and there's a flash timer adjustable to 100 ms or 600 ms.

It comes with two headset ports for training purposes, a PC recording jack port, and is easy to install with a power save function on any PSTN connection.

The durable binaural headset features a noise reduction microphone, and the design is tough enough to withstand a call center environment while occupying minimal space.

It includes a 12-month manufacturer warranty and complies with international quality standards.

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